Artwork design of Estimate Sheet for Tempus Futurum—a project to talk about the future time as utopia of design in the form of a magazine, project planned by Johannes Schnatmann.

There are variety kinds of values pursued by each graphic designers and we may classify them under two largely sorts of graphic designers, in the context of marketing and with novelistism leanings. When these values that they pursue make balanced development, the health of the design is maintained and function as an important motivity for social development. And if designers who pursue their each values have an environment where they can be satisfied and have a stable life in the market, we can say it is the 'Utopia'. I'm making career as a novelistism designer in communities. I'm focusing on proposing sustainedly new paradigms through originative visual language and concentrating to have the responsibilities as part of that group. I think it is the least or the maximum effort I can. Here it is an 'Estimate Sheet' that signifies graphic deisgner's occupational function, social role, attitude and effort. That is my own visual methodology of your agenda.
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